Thursday, 18 June 2015

Galaxy named after Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo

Portugal and Real Madrid now has a galaxy named after him by the Eastern Southern Observatory, a renowned astrological organization.
Google Image: Cristiano Ronaldo
The ESO described the newly-christened CR7 galaxy as "by far the brightest galaxy yet found in the early Universe."

'' the brightest distant galaxy recently discovered by @ESO has a nickname after @Cristiano Ronaldo?'' - the organization share via twitter.

The name refers to the galaxy's age. The higher the redshift, the further back in the history of the universe the galaxy is being seen from.

The galaxy will share the CR7 name with a line of underwear endorsed by Ronaldo, who even has his very own museum.

While the stars which share his name shine bright, Real endured a less-than-stellar season.

Source: CNN

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