Monday, 15 June 2015

Tributes pour in for Nigerian footballer who collapsed and died in Malaysia

This is sad! I understand the fact that David Faramola Oniya is not the first player to have collapsed while playing (hunting for his daily bread) and eventually pass on. To mention a few similar incidence, Marc-Vivien Foe of Cameroun during a Confederations Cup game in 2003, and recently Belgium lost two players in similar fashion this year.

The death of this Nigerian footballer who plies his trade for T-Team, a club in Malaysia during a friendly game against Kelantan on Saturday 13th June 2015 came as a rude shock to many including his friends and Nigerians at large especially those who understand the ''hustle'' and the search for greener pasture.

I visited his Facebook page and realized that many who were sending in their condolences do not know David from Adam. Nigerians, colleagues and many others he had had contact with during his days on earth could not hold back but drop a line.

According to reports, he had barely had contact with the ball, in fact he had not played five minutes before he slumped and was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The essence of this write-up is not to join in the blame game, however, we won't delve into the blame game by his club Chief Executive CEO Syahrizan Mohd Zain who felt the player would have survived if only he had received adequate and prompt attention.

All that would not wake the dead! We can only send our prayers and that is what many of David's ''friends'' at large are doing now.

The Nigerian Football Federation via twitter ''RIP David Faramola Oniya''
Posted by @Thenff via twitter
''Our thoughts are with the family of Late David Faramola Oniya a Nigerian footballer who was with Malaysia Premier League club T-Team F.C.'' - @Thenff

Manchester United Malaysian Twitter Fan page Condolences to the family of T-Team kapten, Farmula David Aniya who died during a friendly match vs Kelantan in KB.@MUFC_Malaysia

Nigerian defender David Oniya has died after collapsing on the pitch during a friendly match between his Malaysian club T-Team and Kelantan. @NigeriaNewsdesk via Twitter

On the deceased facebook account , here are some of the heartfelt messages:

 Faith Eagle Oniya on Facebook - ''Just lost my brother, the captain of the German team, David Faramola Oniyain Germany some few minutes ago. I have not recovered from the shock.

Had a dream this morning I didn't understand... But GOD does!


Give us all the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss....

Lord, may this STOP from now on.

Thank you


''Its very sad to see him passed away like this.. A very discipline and committed player on and off the pitch.. As a person who greet him the first day he's in training and until his last breath.. You'll be missed my brother and my captain'' -  Mohd Hazwan Zikri said on David's Facebook account.

''RIP bro, still find it difficult to belief, we love you but God love you more.'' - Akintola Olayinka via facebook.

''You were like a brother to me....Our days in Azerbaijan was filled with inspiring memories..We love you,but God loves you more....Still can't believe you are gone Brother!!! - Bello Abayomi

And from me, I say ''death! Thou hath cruel. Rest in Peace Brother.

The center back had played football for more than 10 years as a professional. He played in played in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan before moving to Malaysian this season.

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