Friday, 26 June 2015

NFF vs Enyeama: Can Nigeria move on please?

Super Eagles Goalkeeper and Captain Vincent Enyeama has been in the news lately over his remarks before the African Cup of Nations Qualifier against Chad in Kaduna.
The Lille of France shot-stopper made some "provocative comments" on the venue of the match, which got him queried by the federation. 

Several reports had it that Enyeama was invited by NFF Disciplinary Committee to explain matters, on the same occasion as Coach of the Eagles Stephen Keshi over his recent link to the Ivorian job. Keshi showed up but the captain failed to turn up based on claims that he never received any invitation in that regard.

Enyeama said he had apologized and was surprised to hear from the media that he shunned an invitation to appear before the NFF Disciplinary Committee. 

Spokesman of the federation Ademola Olajire told, that the claims by Vincent Enyeama who said he didn't get any invitation was untrue, ''I can assure you that Enyeama was sent an invitation by the NFF'', he said.

''The invitation to appear before the committee was sent to him through the channel that we normally send him invitations to the Super Eagles.

''The disciplinary committee is a judicial body, so whether Eneyama appears or not they will make their decision.''

Vincent Enyeam further shared these on Instagram on Friday morning, an appeal so to speak ''Good morning my world#this got me cracking#someone sent this to me#i am still very sorry about my comments on the security issue.#and I still want to once again apologize to everyone that found that comment offensive,most especially the executive governor and the people of Kaduna state,the nff. God bless Nigeria#God bless Kaduna state#God bless bless Nff#God bless everyone reading this message.#TIMEDRAWINGCLOSERTHANPLANNED.

Come to think of it, all these counter-accusations, are they necessary? The Nigerian Football Federation can handle this matter better and focus on other important things that will move our football forward.  But kudos must also go to the NFF for handling the matter before the game proper. That is the way to go and should never have been brought up again.

If indeed, Enyeama was invited at all and he failed to show up, the federation MUST punish him for not honouring the call being a respected member of the team.

The Super Eagles just played their first qualifying match with Tanzania and the Pharaohs of Egypt waiting. It is time to focus on forth-coming games and not getting busy setting up committees upon committees to look into matters that could be sorted without moving muscles.

Offside: It was rumored that the federation would send a delegation to Abidjan to investigate the why Keshi was shortlisted for the Ivory coast coaching job. In this jet age? What has suddenly happened to mails and phone calls?

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